Welcome to the Gallery of my worst Nightmare


 I will begin by indulging myself with some old favorites. You may have seen these, but if not, they show the essence of what "snuff art" is to me.  A 3 pix series called "car kill" in which a woman is pulled from her car and strangled to death, leaving her sexually abused body on the hood of the car.  Also a 2 pix comix of a guy who drowns one woman in the toilet bowl and then strangles a second, with a stocking from the first, while getting a blow job.  Not only are these2 sets violently cruel, but the victims are also clad in stockings, another of my fetishes.  So indulge and enjoy, the rest of the gallery will be lesser seen pixs, I promise. By the way,car kill is by JGP and the drowning is by McQuad

The old favs-car kill and drowning



I am indebited to all of the artists who have contributed to my page.As I cannot draw at all,you will find on this page art from those who have attempted to draw the fantasy nightmare that spurs my disire.Art is very difficult and to draw on requst even moreso,so you will not see art from everyone on this page.Many artists have said to draw for others restricts their abilities and I understand that so here is my fantasy and after it,the work by those who have attempted it.

                   A young innocent woman dressed in a business outfit including nylons and heels and garter belt,blouse and skirt,is at the office late or just arrived home alone.A huge ugly almost animal intruder slaps here around and ties her up except for her long nyloned legs and heels.She remains dressed tho her clothing is in disarray.He then strangles her with her own long full bodied hair,ramming his dick in her eyeball and skull fucking her at the same time.Her legs are kicking wildly and helplessly throughout as she dies.

Jeff Lipton  .Thanks for the attemptJ

Zebric From the “Drawing Palace”on commission drew this

Metamanic  Here is a 3 pix set that Metamanic did with his interpretation of my nightmare.He included the extra touch of”Chicks with Dicks”in lieu of hair strangling.I had never thought of that.That’s why I love all you folks and this sharing of ideasJ

Salamander-Here is a 2 pix set interpritation by a fine artist who really has the hair thing down pat,don’t you thinkJ

Salamanders second rendition-My good friend has created another rendering of my favorite snuff fantasy.I really am not worthy.

Zendaddy-A great “woman eater’has honored me with a i drawing rendering of my fantasy.Truly remarkable!!!!!!

Dr Dain-The Good Dr.has given us his interpritation,and its BAD for herJ

LLHUYDD-One drawing shooting interpratation

Bad Dog  Dr A’s interpratation in a RM file animation

Blade2814-A posner rendition by a new artist to the list



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